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What Is The Primal Continuum of Human Development?

PCHD is the early interconnected, and interdependent, social and biological processes that shape the development of every person. This Continuum affects our health, behaviors, values, and attachments throughout our lives. Human Development starts before conception, when an egg and sperm are shaped by forces beyond their genetic blueprint – a process called “epigenetics”. The activity of our genes can be either increased or decreased, altering our physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual, and social health, including our resilience to stress. Since we pass some experiences to our children epigenetically, the PCHD begins before conception, with the first 3 years being the most critical.

Why is PCHD so Important?

Instead of the “nature vs. nurture” debate, it is now clear that it is the INTERACTION of nature and nurture that is fundamental. Our culture is negatively affected by our primal trauma. In turn, we are having an unsustainable impact on our home - Earth. To improve our well-being, we must look at the PCHD and the way we have been wired from the beginning of our lives. We can change our neurobiology from fight, flight or freeze - to growth, attachment, and empathy. By understanding the PCHD, we will have more tools to shift our societal paradigm. We can then create an environment where human development supports wellness and peace, transforming our civilization. 

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Let us create a world where children do not need to recover from their births and childhoods but are fully supported to become whole adults capable of working collaboratively to address the issues human society and the Earth face. This vision requires an understanding of the impact of the Primal Continuum of Human Development, as well as the work that all of us can do to empower "We, the People".